This where I’d like to showcase my projects. There is much more to come—stay tuned!

I’ll probably write about these in the future:

Golden Gate

May 16, 2018 Logic gate playground and my WWDC18 scholarship submission.

Just like the year before, Apple offered a WWDC ticket to students, who submitted outstanding visually interactive Swift Playgrounds.

In this post, I’d like to show what I’ve created for my submission: A logic gate simulator in the WWDC18 theme that features several puzzles as well as a sandbox and some advanced creations.

You can play around with the source code on GitHub!

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April 7, 2018 Stud.IP to Go

StudApp is an iOS application for the Stud.IP learning platform, which is used by more than half a million students and lecturers at over 40 German universities and 30 other organizations like the German Football Association or a state police.

This project aims to take this platform to the next level by leveraging native capabilities of iOS. With StudApp, it easier than ever to browse your courses, documents, and announcements! Being officially certified by Stud.IP e.V., it provides excellent ways to stay up-to-date.

And—just like Stud.IP itself—StudApp is completely open source and free to be used by anyone as an no-cost app on the App Store.

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February 15, 2018 Functional programming playground and my WWDC17 scholarship submission.

In 2017, Apple—once again—offered students and members of STEM organizations the opportunity to attend WWDC as part of a scholarship. In contrast to the year before, Apple set out a specific yet creative task: To create a visually interactive Swift Playground, either for Xcode or iPad.

Wanting to take this opportunity, I created my own Swift Playground Book named Reduce, which teaches basic Functional Programming concepts in a playful manner. Its main feature is visualizing array operations like filter, map, and reduce to make these concept easy to comprehend.

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