Hello, World!

February 15, 2018 An introduction to my personal website.

Hey there, welcome to my website!

As this is very first post, please let me introduce myself: I’m Steffen, a German computer science student, and I love coding, especially in Swift or for Apple platforms.

What to Expect

Okay, this is my first attempt at blogging. That’s why I’m not entirely sure either.

Basically, I want to share what I’ve learned or experienced as well as problems I encountered. But most of it will be programming-related. And I’d also love showcase some of my projects.

Why “Stoeffn”?

Why—out of all possible letter combinations—did I choose stoeffn? Basically (when pronounced in German), it sounds like my first name, which I found quite funny. Plus, it available as a username on almost all platforms, which is pretty convenient. So I stuck with it.

How It’s Made

If you like this site’s design, feel free to check out and explore its source code!

Since it is not supposed to have any dynamic content, I’ve decided to Go Hugo. Hugo is popular static site generator that strives for simplicity and performance. It offers powerful templating as well as easy content management with a simple format loved by many developers: Markdown.

The generated source code at public lives in its own repository and its contents are hosted by GitHub Pages, making it easy to manage.

As a final layer, I use Cloudflare for DNS management, caching, and SSL encryption.

If you want to find out more, I would like to encourage you to check Hugo’s QuickStart Guide or my project’s README.