Essential WWDC17 Sessions

May 20, 2018 My personal top 10 picks from WWDC17 in preparation for this year's conference

It’s almost time for WWDC18 and if you’re still looking for something to watch on your flight to San Jose this year: Search no more because here are my personal top session from 2017 to (re-)watch!

I’m skipping Platforms State of the Union and similar sessions because you’re probably aware of most of it due to working with Xcode 9 and Swift 4


Convenience for You is Independence for Me

Apple makes it very convenient for us developers to make our apps accessible to a wide range of people. But if you’ve never had to deal with users who have a disability that limits how they can use digital devices, one might forget to implement those affordances.

This is why I found Todd Stabelfeldt’s talk to be very eye-opening as it gives a glimpse into how some users might experience your app.

Designing apps with accessibility in mind really makes a difference.

Design and Accessibility

Designing Sound

To be honest, this might be my favorite session. It might sound like it’s just for audio nerds but trust me on this one.

Not only will you learn the basics of sound design and why it is important for your app. You’ll see hear how Apple created some of its most iconic sounds—live on stage!

And of course, you’ll also get some best practices and a case study that is especially relevant if you like to share your toast on Twitter.

Essential Design Principals

Easily in my top five is Essential Design Principals because they are not limited to app design but applicable to various scenarios. On a—unfortunately fictional—trip to Hawaii, Mike Stern explains different interactions with design and how they can make or break your vacation.

Be prepared for some cool examples!

Advanced Animations with UIKit

UIKit has come a long way and with it, animations. Learn how to implement interactive animations and improve your app in a way that makes users go “Wow!”

As always, this talk features a great case study that shows the power of UIKit animations in action!

How to Pick a Custom Font

WWDC17 had many cool design sessions—more than any previous WWDC! This one is no exception: Picking a font that both matches your app and doesn’t interfere with other design elements or legibility can be a daunting task.

As you’ll see, following a few guidelines can lead to very cool results.

Design for Everyone

Building on Todd’s talk, learn how to design robust apps that work for everyone.

Frameworks and Tools

Introducing Core ML

Apart from ARKit, Core ML might be the coolest framework announced by Apple in 2017. It takes machine learning to the next level by providing a streamlined way to integrate machine learning models into your apps.

You can use them just like other Swift classes!

Engineering for Testability

If you’ve never had the time to learn what all the unit-testing fuzz is all about, have a watch! But this session features more than that: It tries to convey a mindset that’ll help you write software that is easy to test and maintain, ensuring quality in the long run.

It comprises many real-world examples and how unit-testing or even automated UI-tests can help you as your app grows. Be sure to take note of the great best practices as well!

Natural Language Processing and your Apps

This is one of the sessions that left me speechless: It is amazing to see such easy-to-use APIs for such a complex task. Natural language processing (NLP) allows you to identify people and places in both typed text as well as handwriting, break sentences into smaller parts, detect languages, and much more.

Thanks to many examples, you also aren’t left wondering how to apply these features to your app!

Debugging with Xcode 9

Have you watched Inception? Either way: Get ready for Xcodeception!

This session will teach you the new wireless debugging and how to effectively use Xcode’s debugging tools—from supercharges breakpoints to interactive view and SceneKit debugging.