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Essential WWDC17 Sessions

May 20, 2018 My personal top 10 picks from WWDC17 in preparation for this year's conference

It’s almost time for WWDC18 and if you’re still looking for something to watch on your flight to San Jose this year: Search no more because here are my personal top session from 2017 to (re-)watch!

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Modern Core Data in Swift

March 8, 2018 An opinionated guide to employing Core Data in a modern Swift app.

Having been released as early as 2005 alongside with Mac OS X Tiger, Core Data has come a long way. But despite Core Data’s age, Apple has applied serious modernization efforts during the last few years while also adding many new and exciting features.

Due to these modernizations you can now use Core Data with natural and concise Swift syntax. And—using the power of Swift protocols and extensions—one can make working with Core Data even funner!

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Reachability in Swift

March 4, 2018 Reacting to network reachability changes through a clean API.

In this post, I would like to share my implementation of a simple network reachability service that provides current state and posts notifications when network conditions change—without the need for a third-party library.

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Persistent History Tracking in Core Data

February 15, 2018 A guide to accessing a shared NSPersistentStore across multiple processes.

At WWDC ‘17, Apple introduced a number of new Core Data features, one of which is Persistent History Tracking or NSPersistentHistory. But as of the time of writing, its API is still undocumented. Thus, the only real reference is the What’s New in Core Data WWDC session.

Since Persistent History Tracking makes sharing an NSPersistentStore across multiple processes and is one of my favorite new Core Data features, it is unfortunate that it mostly seems to fall of the radar.

The purpose of this post is to give a real-world example on how to use it and what makes it so great.

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Hello, World!

February 15, 2018 An introduction to my personal website.

Hey there, welcome to my website!

As this is very first post, please let me introduce myself: I’m Steffen, a German computer science student, and I love coding, especially in Swift or for Apple platforms.

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